About ATK

About ATK Motorcycles

ATK motorcycles like the ATK 605 four-stroke, and fuel injected ATK 450 are beautiful machines that could double as art exibits. These American nostalgia machines have been born in a refining fire of dreams, difficulty, and perseverance.

ATK product innovation has produced a list of firsts in the motorcycle world. These innovations include: the anti-tension kutentraub (ATK's namesake), side mounted shocks, linkless suspension, fuel-injected offroad motorcycles, and the first production motard.

The older 4-stroke Rotax based ATKs were known for air cooled reliability, durability, exotic machined parts, and unusual designs. In the early years of production they were one of the finer 4-strokes that could be purchased. As time and new technology enhanced the ability of competing motorcycles these machines still remained competitive in selective racing arenas. Dirt trackers liked this motor, and a wealth of knowledge, parts, and services are available to enhance the performance of these machines.

In 2003 ATK purchased the remaining inventory of Cannondale Motorsports. This purchase added fuel injected ATV's to the ATK product line, as well as a new line of ATK 450 motorcycles.

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